About Us

Water is Life

After the air we breathe, water is the most important nutrient we need for survival.

Our Founder has been involved in water related endeavors his entire life. From water to sleep on, to exploring the ocean depths he understands we are all citizens of a water world. The Team at Premier Water Texas has been committed to delivering hygienically clean water to support water activities through the residential and commercial swimming pool industry since 1993. We are passionate about water filtration, water sanitation, oxidation and decontamination of aqua environments where dozens to hundreds of bathers could be affected. In a nation focused on chlorine as a primary water sanitizer we have pioneered the use of alternative sanitizer/oxidizers such as ozone and recently UV Systems to purify swimming pool water.

In the swimming pool industry, we spend a great deal of effort to remove chloramines completely from our swimming pools while municipalities are ADDING CHLORAMINES to our very tap water.

At Premier Water Texas we are certain once you see the evidence and understand the effects of these chloramines on equipment and most importantly those who drink them you will join our family of water softener and whole house water filter system owners.

Let’s get flowing!